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About Scenic City Wealth

Our Primary Purpose

Our goal as an advisory-focused firm is to be the most trusted advisors that an individual, or family, comes to for how to achieve their dreams and maximize the most valuable and finite resource they have, their time.

We do this through holistic wealth management, which means we spend the time to get to know you, not just your money. Through our financial planning process, we guide the way on how you can maximize your income, grow your savings through professional investment management, minimize your tax burden, and protect your family from anything unexpected.

We are not solely focused on investing for retirement, but we focus on what is important to the client and their family, which may be managing cash-flows, building a business, or creating a legacy that outlives themselves. 

Client-Centered Wealth Management

Client-Centered Wealth Management

Our financial advisory business is client-centered, which means we aren't leading with products and trying to find customers to buy them. We are focused on getting to know each and every client, and then finding the best solutions to best help them achieve their goals.

As independent financial advisors, we are not a publicly-traded company and we only serve one master, our clients and their families. 

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