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Ringgold Telephone Company 401k Plan

We are Scenic City Wealth, a local wealth management firm located in downtown Chattanooga, led by Robert "Rem" Cooper, RICP®, and Darrin Wall, CFP®, along with our dedicated staff. We are proud to be the new advisors on your 401k plan with Ringgold Telephone Company and are committed to providing personalized support to make sure you are maximizing this wonderful benefit. 

We are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to call, text, or email with any questions you have about your plan. 

RTC 401k Plan Highlights

  • 8% Discretionary Employer Match with 2% Elective Employee Deferral
  • Employee Deferrals are immediately 100% Vested- Deferral % can be updated on the American Funds website at any time but will be effective on the first day of the next quarter.
  • 6 Year Graded Vesting Schedule on Discretionary Match based on Years of Service
    • 0% after 1 year
    • 20% after 2 years
    • 40% after 3 years
    • 60% after 4 years
    • 80% after 5 years
    • 100% after 6 years
  • 1000 hours of service in the year to be eligible for the Discretionary Match
  • Pre-tax & Roth 401k Option
  • A large selection of Active & Passively Managed Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • Highly Rated American Funds Target Date Funds
Access your RTC 401k Account

Access your RTC 401k Account

For access to your RTC American Funds 401k account. For help please see Accessing your 401k Account.

American Funds 401k Website
Visit Your American Funds Enrollment Site

Visit Your American Funds Enrollment Site

Visit your American Funds enrollment site to enroll or to learn more about your RTC 401k plan.  For help please see this How to Enroll document for instructions. 

Enrollment for New Participants
Meet with Darrin and Rem

Meet with Darrin and Rem

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Need more in-depth planning?

Need more in-depth planning?

Click below to access our Right Capital financial planning website & app for more in-depth planning tools. Once you've entered your information. Please add a meeting to our calendar once you have entered your information and linked your accounts. 

Right Capital

Robert "Rem" Cooper

Wealth Manager & Retirement Income Certified Professional®

(423) 498-5999

(423) 498-5998

A native Chattanoogan, Robert ‘Rem’ Cooper, is a wealth manager with over a decade of experience serving his clients and community. Rem holds the RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designation, and provides...

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Darrin Wall




Darrin believes that successful wealth management begins with a mutual understanding and trust between every one of his clients and himself. Wealth management is not static, but rather a unique process that differs...

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Elizabeth Cathey

Office Coordinator

(423) 498-5564

(423) 498-5998

Elizabeth “Liz”, is the Office Coordinator for Scenic City Financial. Originally from Ohio, she now calls Chattanooga home and has been in the Scenic City for 7 years and in the financial world for just over a year. She is...

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Heather Sliter

Office Manager

(423) 498-5999

(423) 498-5998

Heather is the office manager for Scenic City Financial. She is dedicated to helping us provide a high level of client service and committed to making their lives easier. Whether it be opening accounts, wiring funds, or sending out...
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