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Robert "Rem" Cooper

Robert "Rem" Cooper

Wealth Manager & Retirement Income Certified Professional®

A native Chattanoogan, Robert ‘Rem’ Cooper, is a wealth manager with over a decade of experience serving his clients and community. Rem holds the RICP® (Retirement Income Certified Professional) designation, and provides clients with distribution strategies on how replace their income in retirement.

Rem has been in the securities business since 2012, and has since sought to provide a hands-on, comprehensive approach with ongoing, periodic contact with his business and individual clients. As an independent advisor, Rem is able to put his clients first without worrying about corporate profit or mandates. 

Equipped with a robust local support staff, Scenic City Wealth is able to provide timely service to their clients and remains passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom in retirement.

When partnering with Scenic City Wealth as a business, you will be assured an on-going service relationship that provides one-on-one meetings with plan administrators and employees, and just as importantly, a solution that allow employers to reduce their employee-benefit workload and help their employees achieve their financial dreams.